BJ and Jamie - Ticketmaster Working With Scalpers 9/20 (Audio)

Two journalist from the CBC went undercover and busted Ticketmaster breaking their own rules! A report came out on Wednesday September 19th that says the company developed software to help scalpers sell tickets they have acquired. According to NPR "In footage obtained by the journalists, a man...
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BJ and Jamie - Marijuana Cola 9/19

Coca-Cola is investing in a marijuana company based in Canada. Are they gonna make Coke infused with cannabinoids??
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BJ and Jamie - Cayman Islands 9/18

Jamie lost her phone in the Miamia Airport on the way to the Caymans. A different woman who was also on the trip lost someting else a little more important than a phone. Someone else on the trip took the scenic tour with a man she met.
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