Black Mirror

Sam Hill: Pie Tops, AuNaturAlice and More!

Merriam-Webster has added 850 words to the dictionary- some of them felt a bit overdue in my humble opinion... like Dumpster-Fire, Glamping and Wordie. You remember Pizza Hut's Pie Tops - the shoes that could order a pizza for you? Well, those weren't available for sale, but there will be 50 pairs...
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Sam Hill: Pizza Hut's New Delivery Idea Has Black Mirror Fans Freaking Out

If you are a big fan of Black Mirror (on Netflix), you may be disturbed to know Pizza Hut's new driverless delivery vehicle looks an awful lot like one in the season 4 episode, Crocodile. I am a few episodes behind so no spoilers please.. but seriously, check this out! Black Mirror issues warning...
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