Slacker and Steve - Slacker Likes to Drink 8/12 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve talk about drinking. Slacker likes to drink, and it seems like he's not alone!
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Slacker and Steve - GMD - Her Parents Want Them to Have a Dry Wedding, and They're Worried It Will Ruin the Fun 5/23 (Audio)

Weddings are a great time, but most people expect to have a drink or too. That's not the case for Reagan's parents. They want her wedding to be a dry one. Reagan's fiance Nick feels differently. He's even willing to take out a loan to pay for the booze! Should they have alcohol or not? What do you...
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Slacker and Steve - Slacker Has Way Too Many Swords 3/25 (Audio)

Drunk decisions doesn’t always mean that they’re bad decisions. One person saw a sad video about a dying polar bear and got wasted later that night. They woke up to an email thanking them for adopting a polar bear. Another person increased their 401k percentage from their paychecks. Solid financial...
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Slacker and Steve - Asking Your Friend to Take a #2 in the Pool...It's Time for Drunk or Kid! 11/9 (Audio)

IT’S TIME! DRUNK OR KID! What are your drunk or kid stories?
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Slacker and Steve - Alcohol May Have a Negative Effect on Your Memory. Or Is It a Positive Effect? 10/26 (Audio)

We know that excessive drinking can cause brain damage, but here’s some good news. You can literally drink away your troubles. Researchers found that alcohol takes over the pathway that makes memories. So basically, it makes you forget the bad times and remember the good ones.
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