Jerry Jeudy at the NFL Combine

BJ and Jamie - Broncos Pick Jerry Jeudy in First Round 4/24 (Audio)

The Denver Broncos have selected Alabama Wide Receiver Jerry Jeudy! Did you watch last night's draft?
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BJ and Jamie - It Was A Good Weekend 11/19 (Audio)

The Broncos beat the LA Chargers with a last second field goal after being down by two touchdowns going into the fourth quarter. We had a great time at bar bingo and hope to see you at the next one.
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BJ and Jamie - Crazy Broncos Party 10/24 (Audio)

Some Broncos players dressed up with cocaine themed costumes at a party hosted by Von Miller at the Gothic. Is this morraly questionable or just hillarious?
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BJ and Jamie - Should Vance Be Fired? 10/18 (Audio)

Should the Broncos fire Vance Joseph if they lose to the Arizona Cardinals tonight?
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BJ & Jamie: Denver Broncos Go To Mobile Tickets 8/10 (Audio)

FOOT BALL TIME! The Denver Broncos are saying that if you are holding a paper ticket for the Bronco game it is a scam. There Are NO paper tickets for the Denver Broncos anymore. Read the Whole Story HERE! Video of Denver Broncos Tickets Go Mobile
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BJ & Jamie: Yes, Peyton Manning And John Elway Attended Bronco's Training Camp Over The Weekend 7/30 (Audio)

The Denver Broncos had training camp over the weekend and Bj heard a rumor.... The rumor is that John Elway and Peyton Manning could be trying to take over the ownership together. We think that the Bowlen daughter wants to take over but she is young and could be squeezed out. Read all about...
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BJ & Jamie: Denver Broncos to announce draft picks from Casa Bonita 4/25

We think this is fake news. The report is that the Denver Broncos will do their draft pics live on ESPN from Casa Bonita. BJ and Jamie don't think this is a good idea at all. Sean Loves Casa Bonita! Read the whole story HERE Video of Denver Broncos To Announce Some Draft Picks At Casa Bonita
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POLL: How Will The Broncos Do Against The Chargers?

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Sam Hill: ICYMI- Parrot Orders from Alexa, The End of the World and more!

Hey Alice friends! First up, Happy First Day of Fall! It finally feels like it now, doesn't it? Every day during my show, I post one blog that has links to a bunch of the stuff I chatted about while on the air (Sometimes I add to it as I go along)! Here's today's list of fun stuff- not as fun as...
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Vance Joseph Hired as Denver Broncos Head Coach

Looks like the Broncos have made a decision on their new coach. is reporting that Vance Joseph has been hired as the Broncos Coach and agreed to a four year deal.
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