BJ & Jamie: Avicii Cause of Death Discovered 5/1

More details about DJ Avicii’s death. He died from massive blood lose from a self-inflicted wound. The family made a statement saying he was not made for the music machine and was just an artist and the fame was too much for him. Father under fire for making a I’m A bully sign and making his bully...
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BJ & Jamie: Boys Anti-Bullying Video Goes Viral. 12/11 (AUDIO)

There is a video of a boy who is being bullied and he has his mom record him asking why do kids do this?. They call him names and throw food at him and other kids and it makes him sad. Several celebrities have come out in support of him. Read The Whole Story HERE! Video of Heartbreaking video of...
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LISTEN: Selena Gomez Shares Important Message for Girls Heading Back to School

With the start of a new school year, Selena Gomez shared this important message with students (especially girls) who are heading back to school this year.
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