Sick Woman

Slacker and Steve - Amber Isn't Very Good at Faking Sick 1/22 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve talk about their faking stories. It turns out that Amber isn't very good at faking sick, but Slacker and Steve have pulled off some great fakes!
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Nail in Tire

Slacker and Steve - If You're Trying to Skip Work, We Can Help! 1/13 (Audio)

Come on. Doesn’t everyone know you have to at least go to the third page?! A woman had to come up with an excuse for why she was late to work, so she “had a flat tire” BUT it’s also the first photo that comes up in a Google search for “nail in tire.” Rookie mistake. How did you get busted or how...
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Wait A Second, He Doesn't Take A Fitness Class at 4AM

That’s one way to catch a cheater! Jane Slater caught her ex cheating thanks to FitBit! He would get this sudden burst of activity levels at 4am…and he wasn’t in a fitness class. How did you catch a cheater?
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Slacker and Steve - Can't Beat 'Em? Cheat! 6/19 (Audio)

These students would rather learn Morse Code than actually study for a test?! They created a vibrating pen and used Morse Code to talk to each other during tests. How did you cheat your way through school?
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Slacker and Steve - If You're Gonna Call In Sick, Remember How to Spell Your Name 2/28 (Audio)

BUSTED! A young burglary suspect ran from police when he tried to climb over a six-foot fence, but he got stuck because his UNDERWEAR got snagged on it. When’s the funny way you got busted?
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Slacker and Steve - They Had a Visitor in the MIddle of the NIght, and It Wasn't a Human 10/19 (Audio)

You’re on camera! A man found dings and paint chips on his car. He checked his dash cam to find that sanitation workers were throwing trash over his car and hitting it. It will cost almost $2,000 to fix. Yikes. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen or been caught doing on camera?
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BJ & Jamie: Principal busted by student. 4/6 (AUDIO)

There is a story of from a school of a Principle who was busted by a 14 year old cub reporter for the school newspaper found out that her Diploma was Fake and she lost her $98,000 a year job. Read the whole story HERE
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