BJ & Jamie: Facebook Portal (AUDIO) 11/8

Facebook has come out and said that their new video call devise Portal does not collect your information, pictures or videos to use for target marketing. If they are saying they are not collecting the information that must mean they are collecting it. Video of Hands on with Facebook Portal
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Slacker and Steve - They Had a Visitor in the MIddle of the NIght, and It Wasn't a Human 10/19 (Audio)

You’re on camera! A man found dings and paint chips on his car. He checked his dash cam to find that sanitation workers were throwing trash over his car and hitting it. It will cost almost $2,000 to fix. Yikes. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen or been caught doing on camera?
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WATCH: Using Your Phone in Selfie Mode to View the Eclipse

Don't have solar eclipse glasses? Can you put your phone in selfie mode to enjoy today's big event? Here's everything you need to know.
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