Car chase

Slacker and Steve - If You Go To a Drive-In Theater, Try To Remember What Car You Came In! 8/14 (Audio)

This couple had their first date at Denny’s, which is already a rough start tbh, but it ended in a high-speed police chase. What’s the worst first date you’ve had?
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BJ & Jamie: Aliens And A Car Chase (AUDIO) 11/7

There are scientists from Harvard that are saying the strange object that was circling earth may have been an alien probe sent to investigate earth. This is not like any comet or asteroid like we have ever seen in our solar system. Story#2. 11 yr old boy takes cops on a high speed chase after mom...
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BJ & Jamie: Police Dog Knocks Out Teeth Catching Bad Guy. 2/28

There is a story in L.A. of a car chase that turned into a car jacking and another man tried to stop him but the car thief crashes and a police dog attacks him and brings him down. The bad part of the story is the Dog knocked out all its teeth. Read all about the Dog and his Knocked out Teeth HERE...
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