Slacker and Steve - One Mistake at Work Caused a Whole City to Lose Power 10/31 (Audio)

Oops. A dentist performed work on the wrong girl. The mother said the school never called her and never had her sign consent paperwork. Meanwhile, a jerk paramedic hurt a patient on purpose and bragged about it on Facebook. He drilled into a patient’s bone without anesthesia and also instructed...
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Slacker and Steve - Some People Waste Time at Work, Others Get Wasted at Work 10/30 (Audio)

Drinking is fun, but you probably shouldn’t drink while at work. But if you have, we want to hear your stories. Like this teacher that had a bag of wine in her classroom. What’s your wasted at work story?
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Slacker and Steve - She Went to Work With Her Dad, But It Wasn't What She Expected 10/19 (Audio)

Finding a job that you actually enjoy is nearly impossible. There’s no way this diver that went down nearly 100 feet in a sewer well actually liked that. What’s the worst job you’ve had?
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