Slacker and Steve - We Want to Know Our Audience: Are You a Cat Person or a Dog Person? 5/2 (Audio)

What. The. Truck. A dad and his girlfriend’s son got into a knife/gun fight after arguing if Chevy or Ford was better…so…which one is better?
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Slacker and Steve - Both Are Hard to Understand: Cats and Cat Owners! 4/25 (Audio)

This cat is not kitten around…she’s gotten in trouble with police 30 times, from fines, being put in kitty jail, and even euthanasia threats. What are your cat-ass-trophe stories?
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Slacker and Steve - The Cat's Out of the Bag on Public Transportation! 3/25 (Audio)

We are all for public transportation, but if you’re going to use it, don’t do this…One man shaved his head while on the Subway. Another man clipped his toenails while on the bus. Ick. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on public transportation?
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Slacker and Steve - Now Cats Will Have to Find Another Way to Ruin Your Life! 3/6 (Audio)

Here’s a new life hack for you: tired of pet hair all over the place? Just put the hair coated items in the dryer and run the air fluff setting for 10 minutes to an hour. Take the items out and shake it vigorously. What are your life hacks?
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Taylor Swift attends the 2019 InStyle and Warner Bros. 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards Post-Party

SCREENSHOTS: Taylor Swift Reveals Her 'Cats' Character

She's "kind and touching but harsh"
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BJ and Jamie - BJ Leaves Sink Running For Cats 1/4 (Audio)

BJ has weird reasons for a lot of the things he does....
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Slacker and Steve - This Couple's Relationship Was Almost Ruined by Their Cat 11/19 (Audio)

A man's wife thought he was cheating on her when she found another woman's underwear in their bed. Come to find out, their cat had stole it from the neighbors house. What are your "Not what it looks like" stories?
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Slacker and Steve - You've Cat to Be Kitten Me Right Meow! 10/23 (Pawdio)

People either love cats, or hate them. Some are cute and cuddly, and others seem a tad bit evil. What’s your cat-astrophe stories?
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Idris Elba, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Hudson

Idris Elba Joins Tayor Swift, Jennifer Hudson In 'Cats' Movie

Film adaptation of hit musical due out in 2019
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Slacker and Steve - A Lady Accidentally Put Her Cat in the Dryer 9/25 (Audio)

Accidentally putting your cat in the dryer. A baby crossing a busy street alone. Kids dumping paint on your carpet. What is the craziest thing that's happened to you when you turned your head for a second?
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