Cayman Islands

BJ & Jamie's Party In Paradise On Alice Island 2019

It's back! BJ and Jamie have their bikini and thong ready and you should get ready to pack yours and join them in The Cayman Islands August 14-17, 2019 for another Party In Paradise ! What sets The Cayman Islands apart goes beyond its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. Only here can you...
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BJ and Jamie - Jamie Saves a Life 9/18

Jamie noticed someone was having trouble swimming out in The Cayman Islands.
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BJ and Jamie - Cayman Islands 9/18

Jamie lost her phone in the Miamia Airport on the way to the Caymans. A different woman who was also on the trip lost someting else a little more important than a phone. Someone else on the trip took the scenic tour with a man she met.
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