Slacker and Steve - Meeting a Celebrity Seems Like It Would Be Glamourous...Except When It Isn't 10/23 (Audio)

Meeting celebrities can be very nerve wracking and exciting, but most of the time, they don’t turn out the way you expect. What’s the worst celebrity encounter you’ve had?
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Slacker and Steve - This Celebrity Requires a Gold Toilet Seat 10/3 (Audio)

Johnny Depp makes one of his assistants cross out the health warnings on his cigarette packages. Another person ran into Michael Phelps and instead of giving an autograph, he handed the fan his trash. What the bad celebrity encounter you had?
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Justin Bieber on golf course

Justin Bieber Directs Traffic in the Hamptons After His Mercedes Breaks Down

Celebrities are just like the rest of us! Even their cars will break down sometimes. A trip to the Hamptons for Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin went awry on Monday (July 2) when Bieber’s Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG broke down in the middle of an intersection. So while waiting for police to arrive to the...
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