Slacker and Steve - Naming 27 Cheeses and Saying Your ABCs Backwards. It's Time for Telephone Talent Show! 11/7 (Audio)

A Wisconsin woman was able to name 27 different cheeses in 30 seconds. That’s some talent. What’s your talent?
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BJ & Jamie: Crash dieting.. 012/6 (AUDIO)

Jamie and Bj talk about their crash diets.. Jamie is only eating meat and Bj is only eating… other stuff. We all hate that person who eats what they want and never gains weight Jamie likes the Atkins diet check it out HERE Video of Best Diet To Lose Weight Fast - The 3 Week Diet
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Wood Cheese

The FDA is cracking down on parmesan cheese makers who are putting too much wood in their cheese! After consumer complaints and civil suits the FDA busted Castle Cheese in Pennsylvania who were using as much as 20% cellulose and not having any romano in their cheese. The company's president was...
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