Slacker and Steve - The Best Burger to Take Home 5/14 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve talk about burgers. They have the definitive list of the best burgers to take home. The perfect amount of heat and freshness without being soggy. What's your favorite burger?
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Angry Woman with Burger

Slacker and Steve - Can I Get Another Burger Please? This Time, Hold the Hair! 10/4 (Audio)

It doesn’t matter if tomatoes are a fruit or vegetable, they’re gross. One woman hates them so much that she threw a fit at a restaurant and threw a cookie rack after she requested no tomatoes on her burger, but it came with them. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen at a fast food restaurant?
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Cray Cray Burger Eater

Slacker and Steve - These People Went Cray Cray for Some Cheeseburgers! 9/11 (Audio)

A cold burger can really be a downer, but there’s no need for this reaction! Two men threatened McDonalds employees with guns because they received cold burgers! When have you just gone cray cray?
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Slacker and Steve - Demanding Free Fries Won't Get You Free Fries 5/31 (Audio)

We all like getting something for free, but demanding free French fries after you attempted to rob a restaurant doesn’t help the situation…What are your fast food follies?
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Slacker and Steve - Your Weapon of Choice Stinks 5/17 (Audio)

This woman is cocoNUTS. She was arrested after she attacked a man with a coconut. Yes, it happened in Florida. A restaurant chef threw a piece of meat at his wife, but missed and hit a customer. No, that wasn’t in Florida, but Germany. What are your weird weapon stories?
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