Scared Child

Slacker and Steve - "Mom, There's a Ghost In the Room" 10/22 (Audio)

Kids can be cute, but they can also say the creepiest sh*t, like one kiddo who told her dad "daddy, I love you so much that I want to cut your head off and carry it around so I can see your face whenever I want." OKAY THEN...What's the creepiest thing your kid has said?
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Kid Playing Piano

Slacker and Steve - This Kid Ended Up In Big Treble! 10/21 (Audio)

Stolen car? Bad. Running it into a Lamborghini? Bad! By a 14 year old?! BAD!! What have your kids ruined?
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Kid Daydreaming

Slacker and Steve - OPP - She's Hiding Something from Her Boyfriend 9/25 (Audio)

Marissa has been dating her boyfriend for 7 months, and everything is great. Well, except a really important topic. They’ve started talking about what they see in their future, and he wants his own kids, and well, Marissa doesn’t. He’s the only male in his family and wants to continue his family...
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Drunk or Kid

Slacker and Steve - Ran Home for Two Hours Because I Was Nervous About Getting In A Car...It's Time for Drunk or Kid! 9/20 (Audio)

“Ran home for 2 hours because I was too anxious about getting into a car with some friends.” DRUNK OR KID?
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Air Vent

Slacker and Steve - Her Daughter Discovered a New Toilet In"Vent"ion 8/30 (Audio)

This 16 year old didn’t like being called a thief, so he ran over a high school staff member. He was arrested later that night. Another 16 year old was arrested after taking control of a plane during a commercial flight. Kids these days.
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Slacker and Steve - Two Pairs of Pants or Bust! 8/13 (Audio)

Toddlers can throw a temper tantrum over pretty much anything, at any time. Like, not being able to hold more than one cookie in each hand, not being able to lick the bus windows, or not liking the end of Harry Potter and wanting Harry to marry Hermione. What are your toddler tantrum stories?
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Slacker and Steve - Someone Needs to Babysit These Babysitters! 8/7 (Audio)

This babysitter was definitely fired…and taken to jail. Four young toddlers were in her care, and they all went home with broken legs. Video footage shows the 25 year old woman rapidly jerking one boy into the air, which likely caused the leg break. What are your bad babysitter stories?
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Slacker and Steve - OPP - He's Finally Out on His Own, Until His Parents Gave Him a Call 7/17 (Audio)

Michael worked hard to get out of his parents’ house. He had to move back in with them after college, so he could save some money, and he’s finally on his own…but now his parents want to move in with him for a bit. They are selling their house and building a new one, and need a place to stay until...
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Slacker and Steve - Filled My Stairway with Snow So I Could Ski Down It. It's Time for Drunk or Kid! 6/28 (Audio)

"Called 911 because the cable TV was malfunctioning." DRUNK OR KID?
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Slacker and Steve - After 200 Listens, "Baby Shark" Actually Isn't Half-Bad! 6/13 (Audio)

For the love of God, no more “Baby Shark!” Almost no parents WANT to spend a night in Hell on Earth going to a Baby Shark live show, but they will because they are good parents. Other times, parents have to rewatch the same Cailou or Paw Patrol episode over and over. What’s the annoying thing you’...
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