Christmas decorations

These 'Home Alone' decorations recreate iconic scenes from the holiday classic

One residence is paying tribute to ‘Home Alone’ in honor of the film’s 30th anniversary. The home, located in Texas, recreates the most iconic scenes from the 90s beloved classic. See them now.
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BJ & Jamie: Jamie's Christmas Tree is Too Big. 11/13

Jamie is frustrated with her New Christmas tree.. she used to have a 5 foot tree but now she has a 12 foot tree and she cannot get the ornaments on the top or the Angel on the top. She is grumpy about it and has to cancel all plans to get her tree done. Have you ever had major Christmas Tree Drama...
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BJ & Jamie: Christmas Tree Problems At Jamie's House. 11/7 (AUDIO)

Jamie bought a brand new Christmas tree and her son being that he has no school today he was going to put the tree up and decorate it today… Well it turns out that there are multiple boxes to the tree but Jamie only has one box. So now the problem is she did not buy the tree with her own Sam’s club...
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