Flight Attendant

Slacker and Steve - Here's a Pro Tip - Try Being Nice! 10/3 (Audio)

Just asking how someone’s day is can really go a long way, especially for flight attendants. You might even get a free drink out of it. What are your industry pro tips?
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Life Hacks

Slacker and Steve - We Finally Know How to Keep Champagne Bubbly! 8/21 (Audio)

Wait, wait, wait. People are putting black pepper in their washing machines to prevent colors from fading? What are some other life hacks?
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Slacker and Steve - Trading This For Flight Upgrades Is a Great Idea 12/19 (Audio)

We can almost guarantee that Steve has tried this…A man tried to pay for McDonald’s with a baggie of special herbs. They didn't accept it. What have you bartered for?
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Slacker and Steve - A Man Wanted More Traffic to His Restaurant. So He Built His Own Off-Ramp 12/7 (Audio)

Take THAT. One man took it into his own hands and built an off ramp directly to his restaurant. The state tried to stop/fine him but it was on a reservation, so their rules didn’t apply. When have you stuck it to the man?
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