BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash (Audio)

People are all upset due to the recent clown issue, as well as the upcoming election. People have been posting a Facebook privacy issue, but it is a hoax, much like the one in 2012. Two different polls are out, one saying Hillary will win, and one saying Donald will win. Lindsay Lohan was seen...
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BJ & Jamie: Huge Announcement 10/13 (AUDIO)

BJ, Jamie-sort-of-kinda-not-really, and Sean are fired up to support #ClownLivesMatter. Are in you in to support the struggle clown community? With all the negative news about Clowns and the upcoming #ClownLivesMatter march in Tucson this weekend, Bj and Sean want to do something that will remind...
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BJ & Jamie: Clown Lives Matter (Audio)

Professional clowns are getting sick and tired of all the bad publicity due to the recent threats made all over the country that involve creepy clowns. The threats have tarnished the image of the friendly performers. The clown community in Tucson, Arizona organized a “Clown Lives Matter” march to...
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