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Slacker and Steve - Slacker Is Way Better at This Than Steve! 10/16 (Audio)

Steve has never been in a Starbucks by himself, and he’s a little scared about being judged there. Here’s some tips to order your drink without the barista judging you: order in the right sequence, start with the drink size, don’t try to be funny with your name, and don’t hover asking “is this mine...
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Slacker and Steve - When I Said You Were a Doll, This Wasn't What I Meant! 6/12 (Audio)

Hmm… 500 dolls? 675 back scratchers? 95,200 pieces of nicotine gum? 6,290 airplane barf bags? These are some crazy collections! What’s the weird thing you collect?
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Slacker and Steve - Why Do Movie Phone Calls Never End in 'Good Bye'? 6/4 (Audio)

Ever noticed in movies that whenever someone is holding a to-go coffee cup, it’s obviously empty? Or how there is ALWAYS parking in front of a building in a major city? And NO ONE says goodbye when they hang up the phone? What else happens only in movies?
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Slacker and Steve - People Who Work in Coffee Shops Love Coffee, Right? Not This Lady! 11/12 (Audio)

No way. Ice-T says he’s NEVER had a bagel. EVER. Other people have said they’ve never had milk in cereal, owned a microwave, never watched Netflix, and never broken a bone. What’s the common thing you’ve never done?
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BJ & Jamie: Coffee Can Cause Cancer! 3/30 (AUDIO)

Starbucks in California are upset about the new law stating if you serve coffee, you must post a sign saying Coffee may cause Cancer! Read about this law HERE! Video of Coffee Needs Cancer Warnings In California, Judge Rules
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BJ & Jamie: Keys to living to 100 years old. 1/3

Jamie has the list of what you need to do to stay young. Brain exercise, Little Red Wine at night, Become a Vegan, Volunteer, drink Greek Coffee, find inner Peace, Stay Social, do new things a rut will kill you, Olive Oil will clean your soul and embrace cold weather it burns calories and makes...
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Starbucks May Be Planning a Zombie Frappuccino

2017 seems to be the year that Starbucks is getting super creative with some of their blended Frappuccino drinks, and now the coffee giant is getting into the Halloween spirit with a ghoulish treat. The tweet below is a photo that was leaked by someone who allegedly works at Starbucks: Omd @...
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LIST: Where To get Free Coffee for National Coffee Day

Today (September 29) is National Coffee Day, so there are a ton of freebies to be had. Break out your favorite mug and get ready to celebrate because some places are offering up a free cup of Joe in honor of the holiday: Here's a list of where you can get free coffee tomorrow 9/29: Krispy Kreme isn...
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