Man Confessing to Woman

Slacker and Steve - OPP - Her Husband Made a Startling Confession. Will She Be Able to Move Past It? 11/27 (Audio)

Today’s OPP is from Candy and she needs your help! Candy has been with her husband for 8 years and the other day he admitted something to her. He told her that before they even started dating, he slept with her cousin. Candy understands that it was a while ago, but she can’t stop thinking about it...
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Cooking Show

Slacker and Steve - This Is What Slacker Does When He's Home Alone 10/8 (Audio)

Imagine this, you’re home alone, and nobody will be home for a while. You could stay in your pajamas all day, leave the door open when you go to the bathroom, pretend you’re on a cooking show while you make your meals, and drink milk RIGHT OUT OF THE CARTON. What’s your favorite thing to do when...
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Dad with Baby

Slacker and Steve - OPP - He Got a Paternity Test...and Now He Wishes He Didn't 9/30 (Audio)

Peter and his partner have been together for over 5 years and things have been great. They just had a baby together, but for some reason, he wasn’t sure if the baby was his, so he went and got a paternity test done. Oh, and she doesn’t know that he did it. They’re very open and share everything, so...
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Slacker and Steve - Believe It Or Not, Slacker's Car Does NOT Look Like This! 2/20 (Audio)

Kamala Harris said that she supports marijuana legalization and used her ethnicity to defend her use saying, “half of my family’s from Jamaica. Are you kidding me?” Her father didn’t like that though, claiming she was stereotyping. Do you reinforce or contradict your stereotype?
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Slacker and Steve - If You Over Pack Your Suitcase, Luggage Handlers Might Get Some Revenge 9/25 (Audio)

Even if you're a hard worker, some days it's just really hard to be a productive employee. What are some of your profession confessions?
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BJ & Jamie: O.J. Simpson's Hypothetical Confession. 3/12

The Hypothetical confession of O.J. Simpson was on last night at watching it kind of make you mad.. He is literally confessed to killing Nicole and Ron with a guy named Charlie. He recounts in details the evening of the murder and the facts around what really happened. Watch the entire porgram HERE...
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