BJ & Jamie: NFL Owners Pass New Anthem Policy 5/24

NFL New National Anthem rule. Players will stand for the anthem or they can stay in the locker room. It seems that this is splitting the fans. The players say they will respect the rule. NFL says if you come out to the field and take a knee the Team will be fined. Owner of the NY Jets says they...
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BJ & Jamie: Teachers in Englewood Walk Out 4/17

The Teacher’s walkout at Englewood Schools has sparked some controversy. Bj tweeted the Gov. where is the weed money for the teachers? And on Social media some people are slamming the teachers for taking the day off and their kids had to stay home from school. Read the whole story HERE Video of...
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BJ & Jamie: Apu of The Simpsons faces Criticism 4/10

Simpsons under fire over the character Apu. People are saying that it is offensive to have a white man doing the voice and Apu’s accent is a stereotype. The Simpson’s have been on for over 28 years, it’s a bit late to start complaining about him. Everyone is so uptight now a days. Read the whole...
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