Slacker and Steve - Cooking for Thanksgiving Doesn't Always Go Smoothly 11/21 (Audio)

Today’s the day. Preparing all of the Thanksgiving dinner, but something always goes wrong. What’s your kitchen catastrophe story?
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Slacker and Steve - Her Family Let Her Cook Thanksgiving Dinner Three Years In a Row...and It Was a Disaster All Three Times 11/13 (Audio)

Tis the season…for cooking catastrophes. These are the most common excuses people will use when they don’t like your cooking: “I’m saving room for dessert,” “I had a big breakfast,” and “I’m on a diet.” What’s your cooking catastrophe story?
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Instant Pot Manufacturer Issues Warning for Owners of Certain Models

Forget about the slow cooker because everyone is now obsessed with the Instant Pot. They were one of the hottest items this past holiday season selling in record numbers. What's the difference between the crock pot and Instant Pot? A slow cooker lets you set it and forget it. Well, the Instant Pot...
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