BJ & Jamie: Offensive Halloween Costumes. 10/17 (AUDIO)

This year there are a lot of offensive costumes making news this year and Jamie's son wants to wear “The Wall” costume and Jamie says no way! Party City is under fire for the costume and some people are asking for it to be pulled from the shelves. Read About the Party City Wall Costume HERE! Video...
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BJ & Jamie: Lice In The Wigs At Halloween Stores. 10/10 (AUDIO)

Halloween time is here and there is a story saying do not try on wigs and masks in the stores because there could be Lice in them! BJ and Jamie both say they do not like to dress up at all.. They don’t understand why do some people like to dress up and some do not. Read the whole story HERE Video...
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BJ & Jamie: Inauguration is today! 1/20 (AUDIO)

It is inauguration day and a lot is going on Sean is in an outfit and we are wondering why? Sean is a bit sad because he dosen't have cable so he could not watch any of the Inaugration party yesterday. Video of Trump Speech at Make America Great Again Celebration (FULL EVENT) | ABC News Video of...
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