$1,100 For the Car? No, How About $200?

This must have been a surprise! A man found his own condo up for rent on Craigslist! What are your crazy Craigslist stories?
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BJ and Jamie - Weinermobile Craigslist Ad Was Fake 5/31 (Audio)

A group of friends that prank each other posted their buddies number on fake Craigslist ad for a replica of the Weinermobile. We got duped....
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Slacker and Steve - Her Husband Traveled for Work, and She Had No Idea He'd Been Using Craigslist the Whole Time 12/6 (Audio)

This rooster must be eggcited. He kept ruffling its owner’s feathers and now has a new home, thanks to some squawking on Craigslist. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve bought or seen on Craigslist?
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Slacker and Steve - They Drove Across State Lines to Pick Up Some Halloween Decorations. They Didn't Know They Were In for a Big Trick 10/15 (Audio)

A man’s house was destroyed and trashed after a fake Craigslist ad was posted saying everything inside must go while he was on vacation. More than $10,000 of stuff was stolen, including some doors! What’s your Craigslist horror story?
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Cruze's Craigslist Hijinx!!

How is this guy still alive??
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BJ & Jamie: Woman's Ex Gives away her stuff on Craigslist. 2/13

A woman in Denver has all her things given away by her Ex-boyfriend on Craigslist while she was in Texas! She came back home and all her things were gone she is begging people to bring back her things. No one has returned anything. Read the Whole Story HERE!!! Video of Woman Pleads For Her Property...
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