Credit card

Scammed Woman

Slacker and Steve - No, a Prince in a Different Country Doesn't Need Your Social Security Number 8/25 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve talk about scams. We have some tips on how to not get scammed on the internet...and of course some stories of people getting scammed! What's your scammed story?
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Kid racks up an $8,000 bill on X-Box

Parents were shocked when they opend the credit card bill and saw an $8,000 charge from X-Box! This is a Warning!! Keep a close eye on their children's gaming habits! On Dec. 23, Lance Perkins got a credit card bill for $7,625.88 after his 17-year-old son used his credit card to make in-game...
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Identity Theft

YI! In a video posted online, a customer is seen confronting a barista in an incredibly uncomfortable showdown at a California Starbucks. Juana Martinez alleges that she noticed a $200 charge on her credit card for groceries. She looked at the store's surveillance video of the transaction and says...
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