Slacker and Steve - Remind us to never steal anything from Pompeii 10/12 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve talk about curses. Note to self: Don't steal anything from Pompeii. What are your cursed stories?
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Sad Birthday

Slacker and Steve - Most Birthdays Are Fun. Hers Is Cursed. 1/16 (Audio)

Way to take one for the team! This KC Chiefs fan is a known bad luck charm, so he will stay home while they play their championship game! When have you been cursed?
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Slacker and Steve - Producer Erin Might Have Had Something to do with Stan Lee's Death 11/12 (Audio)

Have you had some travel trouble that just can’t be explained? Maybe you’re travel cursed. 14% of people said they feel that they have such bad luck traveling that they actually feel travel cursed. What’s the worst string of bad luck you’ve had?
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