BJ & Jamie: Back Yard Chickens Are Making You Sick. 10/20 (AUDIO)

Chicken Danger!! 1,100 people in America have come down with salmonella due to holding and snuggling their chickens because they are not pets they are farm animals. Sean seems like he might be over his chickens and BJ says they should just go drop them off at KFC! Read the Whole Story HERE! Video...
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BJ & Jamie: Chickens and Man Camp! 6/6 (AUDIO)

The CDC has put out a warning to NOT TOUCH YOUR CHICKENS! They are really dirty and lots of people are getting sick from handling them.. Jamie wants BJ and Sean to go to Man camp. This is a camp that helps men become men. It is called the warrior brotherhood. You will do things like be throw off a...
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BJ & Jamie: Virtual Reality headsets are dangerous! 10/28 (AUDIO)

VR units are bad news a woman was groped while playing in the game.. she was also chased down inside the game after being assaulted – another woman was playing while sitting on the subway and she fell out of her seat. We also have a video of a kid with them climbing a tree and he falls flat on his...
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