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Slacker and Steve - This Is the Most Important List You'll Ever See 10/15 (Audio)

THERE IS A CORRECT ANSWER TO THIS. You know those giant boxes of the snack sized bags of chips that come with two flavors of Doritos (Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch), Fritos, Cheetos, and Lays (Regular and BBQ)? We’re ranking them. The CORRECT ranking is 1. Doritos (Nacho Cheese) 2. Lays (Regular) 3...
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Slacker and Steve - Just Admit It: You're Craving These Foods Now! 9/26 (Audio)

You can NEVER go wrong with pizza rolls, boxed mac ‘n’ cheese, tater tots, or pigs in a blanket! What are some kids’ food that you still love as an adult?
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Slacker and Steve - What's Your Dream Meal? 8/1 (Audio)

There are times where you want to get chicken nuggets from Chick Fil A, French fries from In-N-Out (animal style), a blizzard from Dairy Queen, and a doughnut from Voodoo Doughnut, but that means going to different places. What’s your dream meal?
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Slacker and Steve - No Matter How Messed Up You Are, Doritos Do NOT Go With Cottage Cheese! 4/18 (Audio)

Nothing like nachos, pizza, or french fries when your effed up. What are your favorite foods when you’re effed up?
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Slacker and Steve - There's Scrambled, Over-Easy, Hard-Boiled, and Balut? 12/19 (Audio)

Alright, seriously? This sounds horrible. During the holidays, instead of some yummy, cooked food, people eat cannibal sandwiches which is raw ground beef. No thank you. Hard pass. What’s the weirdest food you’ve had?
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