BJ & Jamie: Baseball Bat Attacks and Corey Feldman stabbed. 3/28 (Audio)

It must be Baseball season because there are several stories of road rage that end up with someone getting hit with a bat or window being broken out with a bat. There is a report that Corey Feldman was stabbed in the stomach by someone who is trying to silence him. Now TMZ is saying there is no...
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BJ & Jamie: Hawaii False Missile Alarm. 1/16 (audio)

The people of Hawaii were freaked out over the weekend everyone on the island received a text message that a bomb was on its way to the island and for everyone to take cover. The report is that the guy in charge of the emergency alert pushed the wrong button; during an interview about the situation...
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BJ & Jamie: Man pulled from United plane has secrets in his closet. 4/12 (AUDIO)

Jamie is going back home to So. Ill for Easter. Maybe she’ll fly United. The CEO is still saying sorry and the Man who was pulled from plane is still in hospital and says that everything hurts and we will use it all in court. The Doctor is a convicted Felon who traded drugs for gay sex with...
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