BJ & Jamie: Serena Williams Pooped Her Pants (Audio)

Serena Williams ate dog food and pooped real bad. She has to play tennis today with the green apple trots.
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BJ & Jamie: Pot Dog (Audio)

A family was walking their 15 week old puppy at Red Rocks when the dog grabbed some pot that was left at the venue and ate it. She was treated at the vet and survived with no lasting side effects.
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BJ & Jamie: Domino's Saves Man's Life (Audio)

A Domino's manager in Oregon realized they hadn't heard from a loyal customer in 11 days. This customer has ordered a pizza daily for the past 10 years. The manager sent a driver to the man's home where he was found passed out on the floor; the driver called 911, and the man's life was saved.
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