Video Game Dog

New Twitter Account Tracks Which Dogs You Can Pet in Video Games

Finally someone is answering the real questions
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BJ and Jamie - This Restaruant Pays $100/Hr for People to Play with Dogs 10/31 (Audio)

This restaurant in Texas pays people $100 an hour to play with dogs!!! Our Social Media Hombre, Dylan, has a college degree and doesn't make anything close to that!!
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Slacker and Steve - OPP - She Thought She Was Doing the Right Thing, but Now Her Family Thinks She's a Monster 10/15 (Audio)

Anne did something that she feels awful about, but it might have been the right thing. She put down her 10 year old dog after finding a large tumor that would cost $3,000 for surgery. She told the vet to put him down then and there. When she got home, her kids were freaking out and her husband was...
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Sam Hill: Dog Gets Unemployment and The Weirdest Donation Ever!

Happy Thursday! Did you hear about the dog in Michigan that was approved for unemployment benefits? Yeah, kinda makes you wonder about gov efficiency... or wonder more, rather. I once received a credit card offer for my cat. Dog gets approved for unemployment benefits: —...
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