We Might Be Crying Now

YOU HAD ONE JOB!!! This vet put down the WRONG DOG! Brb. Crying.
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cat on desk

BJ and Jamie- Jamie Wants a Cat (Audio) 9/20

Jamie wants a cat, but her son wants a dog! What should she do?
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Hero Dog

Slacker and Steve - 11/10 Would Recommend These Goodest Good Boys 8/20 (Audio)

WHAT A GOOD DOG! A man was fishing when he got bit by a shark, but then his pup came to the rescue, grabbed the shark by its tail and pulled it off! What are your hero pet stories?
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BJ and Jamie - Beth Chapman Funeral Services To Be Held This Saturday 7/10 (Audio)

The service will be held at the Heritage Christian Center, which is located at 14401 E. Exposition Ave. Doors will open at 1 p.m. on July 13; the service will begin at 2 p.m. The Chapmans are known for starring in “Dog the Bounty Hunter.” Both Beth and Dog were born in Denver. Beth died June 26...
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Slacker and Steve - I'll Pass on the Kibble, Now Pass Me Some Rocks! 6/28 (Audio)

Ruh roh. This poor pup thought decorative rocks were food. They took the dog to the vet where they found nearly 5 POUNDS of rocks in his tummy. What did you accidentally swallow?
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Slacker and Steve - He's Not the Hero We Need, but the Hero We Deserve: The Bark Knight 5/29 (Audio)

WE. DON’T. DESERVE. DOGS. Home invaders busted their way into a family’s house, and held the dad at gunpoint. That’s when the family dog came to the rescue. The gunmen shot at the pup twice, hitting her once, but don’t worry. She will make a full recovery. What are your hero pet stories?
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Slacker and Steve - She Got What She Wanted, but She's Not Gonna Like Where She Ends Up! 5/23 (Audio)

THIS IS SO SAD! A woman euthanized her innocent dog so they could be buried together. We think she just stamped her ticket to hell, but she can't be alone! Why are you going to hell?
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Slacker and Steve - After Going Missing for Two Years, This Dog Showed Up Where No One Expected 4/23 (Audio)

A German Shepherd was found after being stolen from its family in Florida 2 years ago. The poor pup was found covered in snow in a ditch, malnourished and with a broken leg. What did you find that you thought was gone forever?
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Video Game Dog

New Twitter Account Tracks Which Dogs You Can Pet in Video Games

Finally someone is answering the real questions
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BJ and Jamie - This Restaruant Pays $100/Hr for People to Play with Dogs 10/31 (Audio)

This restaurant in Texas pays people $100 an hour to play with dogs!!! Our Social Media Hombre, Dylan, has a college degree and doesn't make anything close to that!!
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