Slacker and Steve - Here's Our Living Room, and This Is the Wild Moose We Let Inside Our House 1/14 (Audio)

If you think cats just like to push things over, you’re wrong. They also like to cause $40,000 of damage to your house, or at least that what this little kitty did. What did your pet ruin?
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cat on desk

BJ and Jamie- Jamie Wants a Cat (Audio) 9/20

Jamie wants a cat, but her son wants a dog! What should she do?
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Cute Dog Watching TV

Slacker and Steve - This Dog Risked It All for a Night of Risque TV 9/3 (Audio)

What a far-fetched idea…A man says his dog ordered some porn by stepping on the remote and he refuses to pay for it. How ruff. What has your pup ruined?
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Slacker and Steve - These Pets Live Better Lives Than Us! 8/6 (Audio)

We love our pets, but is this too much? Pets are now getting human treatments like hydrotherapy and acupuncture. Some people bake their pets some homemade treats, while all of their food gets cooked in the microwave. How do you pamper your pet?
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Slacker and Steve - How Could You Hate This Face!? 7/19 (Audio)

I. Can’t. Stand. This! Soap Operas? No. Fortnite? WHY. Game of Thrones? Wait a second. No, that one’s alright. What’s a popular thing you hate?
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BJ and Jamie - You Can Make HOW MUCH Playing With Dogs? 7/1 (Audio)

There is a bar down in Texas paying people $100 an hour to play with other people's dogs!! SMH Dil says sign him up!!
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Slacker and Steve - This Dog Was Pawsitive He Was Going to Find a Way Home! 6/3 (Audio)

You might consider winning the lottery a lucky experience, but winning it TWICE?! That happened to one lucky lady. What the luckiest thing that happened to you?
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Slacker and Steve - Honey, We're Gonna Need Some Thicker Doors! 5/13 (Audio)

How ruff. A dog ran away from home to go to one of his favorite places: doggy daycare. He ran more than a mile to see his friends. Worth it. Another dog accidentally ran a half-marathon after being let outside to go to the bathroom. What a good pup. What are your doggy damage stories?
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Slacker and Steve - We Want to Know Our Audience: Are You a Cat Person or a Dog Person? 5/2 (Audio)

What. The. Truck. A dad and his girlfriend’s son got into a knife/gun fight after arguing if Chevy or Ford was better…so…which one is better?
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Slacker and Steve - Her Boyfriend's Dog Is the Reason They Got Caught 12/17 (Audio)

Making a good first impression is stressful. Some things that can help are smiling, making eye contact, being polite, and some of the worst things you can do are smelling bad, being arrogant, and dressing poorly. What are some of your worst first impression stories?
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