Doomsday Clock

Sam Hill: Taco Bell Fries, Literally Overused and Doomsday Clock Edges Closer to Midnight

Happy Friday!! With the way my day started- I'm thrilled it's the last day of the week... my alarm didn't go off this morning so I was rushed. Thankfully, I made it to work on time, but I didn't get to get ready in the leisurely fashion I'm accustomed to and that just set me off on the wrong foot!...
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Dooms Day clock has moved!!! Be worried!

Rising tension between Russia and the U.S., North Korea's recent nuclear test and a lack of aggressive steps to address climate change are putting the world under grave threat, scientists behind a “Doomsday Clock" that measures the likelihood of a global cataclysm said Tuesday. The Bulletin of the...
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