Holiday Party

Slacker and Steve - GMD - Is She the Life of the Party, or Is He Acting Like a Scrooge? 12/5 (Audio)

Jack and Becca have been married for quite some time, and Jack recently got a new job. His work is hosting a holiday party soon, and Jack doesn’t want Becca to go, but Becca wants to go. Becca tends to over drink and, make a fool of them. Becca knows she’s made mistakes in the past, but he is over...
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Doctor Drinking at Work

Slacker and Steve - More People Are Drinking at Work Than You Realize 10/1 (Audio)

64% of women and 70% of men admitted that they’ve drunk or buzzed at work, and the other 36%/30% are liars. What are your wasted at work stories?
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Man with Sword

Slacker and Steve - Slacker Has Way Too Many Swords 9/27 (Audio)

Drunk decisions doesn’t always mean that they’re bad decisions. One person saw a sad video about a dying polar bear and got wasted later that night. They woke up to an email thanking them for adopting a polar bear. Another person increased their 401k percentage from their paychecks. Solid financial...
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Drunk or Kid

Slacker and Steve - Ran Home for Two Hours Because I Was Nervous About Getting In A Car...It's Time for Drunk or Kid! 9/20 (Audio)

“Ran home for 2 hours because I was too anxious about getting into a car with some friends.” DRUNK OR KID?
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Drunk Eating

Slacker and Steve - Sometimes Cookies with Mayo Hit the Spot! 9/6 (Audio)

There’s nothing like that hunger you get after a wild night filled with too many cocktails, but some of these are disgusting. One guy made an ice cream sundae with Cool Ranch Doritos, Sour Patch Kids and a lot of chocolate syrup. Another woman made PB&J sandwiches topped with chicken nuggets...
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Slacker and Steve - Rearranging the Furniture...In the Furniture Store. It's Time for Drunk or Kid! 8/9 (Audio)

Wanted to go swimming, but didn’t have a pool, so I went out into the rain, lied on the ground, and flailed around like an idiot. DRUNK OR KID?
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Slacker and Steve - Filled My Stairway with Snow So I Could Ski Down It. It's Time for Drunk or Kid! 6/28 (Audio)

"Called 911 because the cable TV was malfunctioning." DRUNK OR KID?
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Slacker and Steve - Wondered What It Would Be Like to Fall Down, So I Fell Down...It's Time for Drunk or Kid! 5/24 (Audio)

It's time for everyone's favorite game! We get to guess if you were drunk or a kid!
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Slacker and Steve - OPP - It's 3am. Do You Know Where Your Husband Is? 5/22 (Audio)

Marina feels that her husband is spending too much time with his friends. They still get to spend time together, but she feels like he isn't considerate when he returns home after 3am. They've talked about having a family soon, and she's worried this behavior will continue after they have kids. Is...
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Slacker and Steve - She Duct Taped Her Mouth Shut. Drunk or Kid? 4/19 (Audio)

“I had the brilliant idea of throwing an extremely expired milk carton out of window into the backyard. I missed the window.” DRUNK OR KID?
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