Confused Driver

Slacker and Steve - No Ma'am, I'm Not an Uber Driver. I'm Just Trying to Get Home 10/23 (Audio)

It’s popular that drunk passengers throw up in Ubers, but getting shot? Yikes. That’s what happened to this 15 year old girl. The driver went to pick up a third passenger, moved his gun, and accidentally shot the girl in the ankle. What are your Uber stories?
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BJ and Jamie - Littleton Has Some of the Worst Drivers 1/18 (Audio)

Sean and BJ are just adding to the problem.
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Slacker and Steve - Don't Be Rude to Your Uber Driver. You Might End Up on the Side of the Highway! 1/8 (Audio)

Two drunk women got kicked out of an Uber after throwing up in the back seat, and they got angry. They attacked a man and threw him to the ground, then took off their heels and used them to damage several cars. What’s your crazy Uber/Lyft stories?
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