Slacker and Steve - Can These People Change Steve's Mind on The Afterlife? 2/20 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve hear stories about the afterlife. Steve doesn't seem to be buying any of it. Can these people convince Steve to change his mind? What afterlife moment have you had?
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Slacker and Steve - These People Are Lucky to Be Alive! 3/12 (Audio)

After getting mad for missing his flight, this man realized he had some great luck. He was supposed to be on one of the planes that crashed and killed everyone on board. What are your “I shouldn’t be alive” stories?
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Slacker and Steve - This Woman Says the Afterlife is a Peaceful Forest. Steve Thinks Differently 1/9 (Audio)

A skier who “died” for 20 minutes after being trapped in an avalanche say’s she saw a peaceful forest in the “afterlife.” Have you experienced the “afterlife?” What happened?
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