BJ & Jamie: Dad Makes Bully Son Run A Mile To School In The Rain. 3/6 (Audio)

There is a story about a dad who was not going to allow his son to be a bully. His son has been getting in trouble and even kicked off the school bus for bulling other kids. So his dad made him run to school for a whole week every day. The Dad is catching a lot of heat for posting a video online of...
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BJ & Jamie: ‘Dress-Wearing’ Students Must Submit Photos Before Dances, Wisconsin High School Says. 9/25 (AUDIO)

A high school is requiring there girls to submit a photo of their Homecoming dress before they are allowed to accept an invitation to the Homecoming dance. Is this going too far are the school over reaching their authority? Or is it that high school girls are dressing too reviling? Read the whole...
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VIDEO: Beyonce Launches Formation Scholars Award

Attention, Beyhive! On April 23rd, Beyoncé celebrated the one-year anniversary of her album Lemonade . Well, it’s time to get in formation because the queen has launched a scholarship program in honor of the monumental album for the 2017-2018 academic year. The Formation Scholars awards are geared...
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