Bad Mom

Slacker and Steve - We Love Moms...but Some of Them Are Just Plain Bad! 9/13 (Audio)

Even a 10 year old knows not to drink and drive. Talk about a bad mom. What's your bad mom story?
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Dog Stuck in Car

Slacker and Steve - "I Hate Going to the Vet, but This Might Be Worse!" 9/5 (Audio)

Seems like Tesla is having a lot of tech problems. Their app was down earlier this week so people couldn’t even unlock their cars, and then autopilot was to blame for this car accident. When has tech screwed you over?
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Gross Cabbage

Slacker and Steve - Boiled Cabbage Made Their Blood Boil! 9/3 (Audio)

Nothing like some cabbage to stink up the house, but it got so bad in this house that it turned into a fight that ended in gunshots. What’s the biggest fight you’ve had over the littlest thing?
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Woman Fighting Washing Machine

Slacker and Steve - That Washing Machine Is Asking for a Fight! 8/30 (Audio)

Keeping tongs in a drawer sounds logical, until they get stuck and jam the whole drawer. That’s about the time that the fight begins. When did you fight with an inanimate object?
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Slacker and Steve - Not Everything Is Appropriate for Show and Tell 8/29 (Audio)

Those gummies aren’t kid friendly…A boy brought pot gummy bears and shared them with classmates. The mother was arrested. What are your show and tell gone wrong stories?
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Water Bottles

Slacker and Steve - H2Oh My Gosh, How Many Water Bottles Does She Have? 8/28 (Audio)

Addictions usually have negative connotations, but we don’t want to talk about those ones. We want to talk about the harmless addictions you have, like lip balm (guilty,) cracking your fingers (also guilty) or Dr. Pimple Popper videos (not guilty.) What is your harmless addiction?
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Woman Showing Her Driver's License

Slacker and Steve - She Found a Way to Get Her Driver's License Without Taking the Test 8/27 (Audio)

Sitting behind the wheel for the first time can be scary. It’s easy to get the gas pedal mixed up with the brake. One kid got offered to drive the golf cart at a car dealership, but ran into a new car. What happened your first time driving?
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Woman Using Vending Machine

Slacker and Steve - Wait, That's a Felony!? 8/27 (Audio)

That’s a lot of dough. A woman was caught stealing money from a local pizza place that she worked at. She stole nearly $16,000 and was fired and arrested. What are your stupid stealer stories?
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TV Head

Slacker and Steve - Someone With a TV Head Is Terrorizing This Neighborhood 8/22 (Audio)

In the age of selfies, ALWAYS. CHECK. THE. BACKGROUND. One daughter sent a picture of her decorated dorm room to her mom left a pair of handcuffs hanging on her bed. She gave the excuse that her friend left them there after filming a short film. Yeah, right. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen...
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Woman Overreacting

Slacker and Steve - Are You Kidding Me!? No Buffalo Sauce!? 8/21 (Audio)

As Taylor Swift said, “you need to calm down.” One man was asked to leave after starting a heated argument and he decided to throw a No Parking sign through the restaurant’s window. When have you overreacted?
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