embarrassing moments

Slacker and Steve - Her Boyfriend Broke Up With Her, but What Happened Next Was Even More Awkward 10/29 (Audio)

Ehhhhhhhh. That’s awkward. A 20 year old secretly got her nipples pierced and went in for an x-ray. She waited with her mother for the doctor to pull up the pictures and…yup the piercings were VERY visible. What’s your awkward story?
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Slacker and Steve - Throwing Up at Home? Fine. Throwing Up at Lunch with a Client? That's Embarrassing 10/9 (Audio)

Life is full of embarrassing moments and now we’re asking you to share yours. Steve got pants and Slacker had to step on a scale before getting on a rollercoaster ride. It wasn’t too bad though, because the weight was in kilos and Slacker didn’t know the conversion. Time to confess everyone. What’s...
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