Fireman Putting Out a Fire

Slacker and Steve - She Called 911, but Had No Idea It Would Cause This Much Chaos 10/15 (Audio)

Have you ever been so drunk that you called 911 and demanded that you get arrested for getting drunk at home? That’s what this 18 year old did. The police offered him a chance to go back inside and sober up, but that wasn't good enough. He told them "I really need to go to jail." What are your dumb...
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Slacker and Steve - There's Worms In Your Legs? Sir, Those Are Veins 6/10 (Audio)

Who do the cops call when the cops get in stuck in an elevator…inside the dispatch building? "911 what’s your emergency? “This is the police” Yes sir, this is the police, what’s the nature of your emergency? “No, this is the police” Correct again sir, how can we help you? “No, this is literally the...
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Slacker and Steve - Running Out of Beer Is Not a Good Reason to Call 911 (Audio)

911 is for emergencies only, but that didn’t stop these people from calling. One woman kept calling because she was out of beer. Another person called because they had a toothache. One boy called for some math help…okay but math is hard. What’s the dumbest reason you’ve heard someone call 911?
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