Slacker and Steve - Sometimes the Only Thing Worse Than Your Enemy Is Your Friend! 6/25 (Audio)

Woooow. This bride got caught scamming HUNDREDS of dollars from her own wedding party! She lied about the price of the dresses/alterations and planned on keeping the money, but they found out and dropped out. Talk about a frienemy. What are your frienemy stories?
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Slacker and Steve - Steve and The Printer Still Aren't On Speaking Terms 6/4 (Audio)

For some reasons, birds keep attacking Slacker, literally dive bomb him. They have become his NEMESIS! *evil laugh* What/Who is your nemesis?
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Slacker and Steve - Are Slacker and Steve Friends or Frenemies? 12/31 (Audio)

BFF!? As IF!! We found a list of reasons why your best friend is actually your frenemy. Do you have a frenemy?
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