BJ & Jamie: Man Killed By Exploding E-Cigarette 5/17 (AUDIO)

Jamie has a story of a man that was killed by an e-cigarette. The battery exploded and pieces of the pen lodged inside his head killing him. It is turning out that these Vape pens are no good for your health, it turns out that some of the chemicals are worse than the chemicals in Cigarettes. Read...
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BJ & Jamie: Olive Garden Blows Up, No One Killed. 10/19 (AUDIO)

An Olive Garden blew up with over 70 people inside the restaurant and no one was killed! It turns out that an electrical room blew up and blew all the equipment was blow out into the parking lot! We all have that strange thing in out home that freaks us out a bit Jamie is always worried about her...
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