Amazon Receives OK From FAA to Use Prime Delivery Drones

Amazon has received the green light from the FAA to operate a fleet of Prime Delivery Drones. The FAA has given its blessing to Amazon to start flying drone aircraft that would deliver packages that are under five pounds.
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BJ & Jamie: Harrison Ford near miss! 2/15 (AUDIO)

Harrison Ford near miss at an airport in California he was instructed to land on a runway but he landed on a Taxi way and flew right over a plane full of people. Read the whole story HERE Video of FAA Investigating Harrison Ford Reportedly Lands On Taxiway Instead Of Runway
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BJ & Jamie: FAA New Rules for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. 9/9 (AUDIO)

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is having some real problems.. Now the FAA has banned them from being checked in your baggage and It must be turned off the entire flight, you may not charge them. And there is a story of a man who’s Jeep burns down due to charging his Note7 in the driveway. Read the FAA's...
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