Woman with Sick Mother

Slacker and Steve - OPP - She's Never Been Close to Her Mom. Now She's Battling Illness 1/13 (Audio)

Anne grew up almost with her mother. Her mom didn’t take care of her, and let the grandparents take care of everything. Her mom also abused alcohol and drugs. Well, Anne’s mom recently got in a car accident and has no one to help her. She would help a hurt animal, so why shouldn’t she help her hurt...
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Embarrassing Mom

Slacker and Steve - Isn't It a Parent's Job to Be Embarrassing? 1/10 (Audio)

Isn’t that a part of being an actor? Adam Sandler doesn’t want his kids to see Uncut Gems because he’s shirtless in it. What’s the most embarrassing thing your parent has done?
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Cheese Cracker

Slacker and Steve - This Eating Technique Is So Dysfunctional, It Almost Made Steve Throw Up 1/6 (Audio)

Some people really love their soda, but this might be a *little* extreme! What are your family dysfunction stories?
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Slacker and Steve - GMD - Is There Ever a Right Time to Have a Baby? 12/19 (Audio)

Megan is ready to have a baby with her husband, Josh, but Josh is a little more hesitant. He wants to make sure that they are ready, like REALLY ready, financially, emotionally, all of it. The last time he felt this way, was before their wedding and they ended up getting married much later than she...
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Woman Upset with Her Dad

Slacker and Steve - OPP - She Caught Her Dad Cheating, and Doesn't Know What to Do Next 12/2 (Audio)

Deanna caught her dad having dinner with another woman. She knew that her parent’s marriage was a sham, even though it looked perfect from the outside. They looked more like business partners than a couple. Still, seeing her dad out with another woman was shocking, and she doesn’t know what to do...
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Embarrassed Woman

Slacker and Steve - This Thanksgiving, She Was Thankful for a Clean Pair of Underwear 12/2 (Audio)

Hopefully everyone has a great Thanksgiving, with plenty of food, time spent with friends and family…blah blah blah…We want to hear about the CRAZY things that happened! Who fought who? Anyone taken to the hospital? What happened at your Thanksgiving?
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Proposal Gone Wrong

Slacker and Steve - OPP - He Proposed and Her Parents Aren't Happy About It 10/30 (Audio)

Colton has been with his girlfriend for over 3 years, and he decided to make the next step and he proposed! Well, he skipped one traditional step, and didn’t ask her parents for permission, so her parents aren’t too thrilled. It’s 2019. She’s her own person and can decide for herself if she wants...
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Flirty Woman

Slacker and Steve - OPP - She's Close with Her New Step-Brother...Perhaps Too Close 10/28 (Audio)

Ashley’s dad recently got remarried. She’s always been an only child, and now she has step siblings. Well, um, she thinks she attracted to her step brother. They’re the same age, and pretty close. Is this just a weird way she’s reacting to having siblings? It might make the holiday season pretty...
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Man Drinking Milk

Slacker and Steve - Steve Still Remembers the First Time He Drank Whole Milk 9/18 (Audio)

There are some things that you can finally do after moving out and being on your own, like the peanut butter DOESN’T BELONG IN THE FRIDGE, you can wear flannels whenever you want even though it’s not a “jacket,” and you can buy as much Miracle Whip as you want! That last one was what Slacker did,...
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Woman Holding Her Dad's Hand

Slacker and Steve - OPP - She Wants to Meet Her Dad for the First Time, but Does He Know She Exists? 9/16 (Audio)

Ronnie has never knows who her dad is, but thanks to a DNA test, she has found him. Her mom says that he is a terrible person and she doesn't want Ronnie to reach out to him. Ronnie feels empty without knowing her dad and wants to talk to him. She just doesn't want to hurt her mom by finding him...
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