Fast food

BJ & Jamie: NEW Taco at Taco Bell! 01/12 (Audio)

THE GREATEST THING SINCE THE DORITO SHELL!!! Taco Bell is releasing a brand new taco on January 26th. BJ and Jamie give us the details. ALSO, a lady is suing Chipotle for $2.2 billion!! Video of Taco Bell exposes The Naked Chicken Chalupa Related Show/Host: BJ & Jamie Video of Woman Sues...
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BJ & Jamie: Hacking Drive-Thrus

Kids hack into a fast food's drive thru speaker. Some of it is a little inappropriate... but it made us giggle. Video of Crazy Kid Hacks McDonald's Drive Thru in New Bern Related Show/Host: BJ & Jamie
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BJ & Jamie: Bad Promo (Audio)

A Toronto street taco chain, La Carnita, was forced to tweet an apology after the restaurant posted a caption on Instagram stating, “What if Donald said ‘Grab her by the taco’…”. The restaurant suffered immediate backlash, people were calling for a boycott, as well as for the restaurant to donate...
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