Slacker and Steve - Having a Clean Car Is Great, Unless You're Terrified of the Car Wash 10/24 (Audio)

It’s almost Halloween which makes it the perfect time to talk about what you’re most afraid of! We all know someone scared of spiders, drowning, and heights, but we want to hear some irrational fears like mirrors in the dark, escalators, tomato soup, and cantaloupes. What’s your irrational fear?
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BJ & Jamie: Bj is now not getting in shape! 4/12 (AUDIO)

BJ is worried about getting in shape for his wedding now. There is a story today about a 34 year old man getting in shape for his wedding and he dies at the finish line while doing a half marathon. BJ saw a story about people like Jamie.. People who think they are sick and just go to WebMD.. A...
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Dooms Day clock has moved!!! Be worried!

Rising tension between Russia and the U.S., North Korea's recent nuclear test and a lack of aggressive steps to address climate change are putting the world under grave threat, scientists behind a “Doomsday Clock" that measures the likelihood of a global cataclysm said Tuesday. The Bulletin of the...
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