Federal Bureau of Investigation

BJ & Jamie: FBI Agent Fires Weapon Inside Denver Nightclub (Audio) 6/4

The FBI agent who shot a guy in the leg while dancing drunk in a night club was allowed to leave the scene and the question is will he face any repercussions from this shooting? Video of Denver Police investigating accidental shooting from gun of an off-duty FBI agent
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BJ & Jamie: Food Scare (Audio)

In a potential food poisoning scare, the FBI says it has arrested a man suspected of contaminating produce at open food bars at several Ann Arbor-area grocery stores with a liquid spray containing mice poison, hand cleaner and water. Read More Here
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BJ & Jamie: FBI Opens I-Phone (AUDIO) 3/29

The government said Monday it had cracked a terrorist’s iPhone without Apple Inc. ’s help and is seeking to drop its legal case to force the tech giant to unlock the device. The move was announced in court papers filed Monday in a dispute over a phone seized in the investigation of a Dec. 2 terror...
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