Slacker and Steve - This Is Why You're Not Supposed to Jump on the Bed! 8/6 (Audio)

THIS is why fishing is scary. An 11 year old was fishing when the hook got stuck in his eye and cheek! One woman flipped her car trying to avoid a squirrel. And don’t you dare go to the bathroom during a thunderstorm because the toilet might explode! What are your freak accidents?
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BJ & Jamie: LIVE Bear Cam in Alaska 7/31 (Audio)

Someone text us the link to a live cam in Alaska of Grizzly bears fishing in a river and it’s really cool. Read the story of the Bear that Distroyed a $1 Million car. HERE! Video of Brooks Falls - Katmai National Park, Alaska powered by
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BJ & Jamie: Human Bait ( Audio)

Three friends had planned a fishing trip to Thailand. Unfortunately one of them died. The man was cremated and his friends took some of his ashes with him on their fishing trip. The two men mixed their friends ashes into assorted meat and called it "Purple Ronnie". Purple Ronnie...
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