Flat Earth

BJ and Jamie - Flat Earth Society in Denver 11/16 Audio

There is a Flat Earthers convention in town this weekend!
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BJ & Jamie: Flat-Earther attempted to prove the Earth was flat by shooting himself into space. 3/26

A flat earthy tried to prove the earth was flat so he built a rocket and shot himself to space, but only made it 2000 feet. Read the whole story HERE Video of FLAT EARTH ROCKET LAUNCH SUCCESS - Mad Mike Hughes - March 24th, 2018
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YI! Tila Tequila Can't Believe the Earth is Round Because Airplanes Can Land and Buildings Aren't Tilted We haven't heard from TILA TEQUILA for a while, and here's why that's a good thing: Yesterday she went on a Twitter rant about how the believes THE EARTH IS FLAT. She said, quote, "It's 2016...
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