Pass the Turkey, but Not the Stuffing!

We have a list of the most popular Thanksgiving food, and when did ham become a Thanksgiving food? What’s your favorite dish for Thanksgiving?
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Woman Writing a List

Slacker and Steve - This Is the Most Important List You'll Ever See 10/15 (Audio)

THERE IS A CORRECT ANSWER TO THIS. You know those giant boxes of the snack sized bags of chips that come with two flavors of Doritos (Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch), Fritos, Cheetos, and Lays (Regular and BBQ)? We’re ranking them. The CORRECT ranking is 1. Doritos (Nacho Cheese) 2. Lays (Regular) 3...
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Woman Holding Chicken Sandwich

Slacker and Steve - The Great Chicken Sandwich War of 2019 8/26 (Audio)

If you’re on the internet, you’ve seen all of the beef, I mean chicken, about which restaurant has the best chicken sandwich, and it got so heated that there have been psychical fights over them. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen in the drive-thru?
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BJ and Jamie - Unique Places to Eat 8/14 (Audio)

The Buckhorn Exchange, Perfect Landing, and more!! Denver has a lot of fun unique places to eat. What are some of your favorite unique restaurants around town??
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Slacker and Steve - Slacker and Steve Both Almost Threw Up in the Studio Today 8/13 (Audio)

You refrigerate your ketchup after your open it, RIGHT? It’s the normal thing to do! And when you eat Reece’s Peanut Butter cups, you start by eating the chocolate around the peanut butter first that way you’re left with the best part for last! What’s something that you eat in a weird way?
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Slacker and Steve - What's Your Dream Meal? 8/1 (Audio)

There are times where you want to get chicken nuggets from Chick Fil A, French fries from In-N-Out (animal style), a blizzard from Dairy Queen, and a doughnut from Voodoo Doughnut, but that means going to different places. What’s your dream meal?
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Slacker and Steve - He Ate How Many of These!? 7/12 (Audio)

A boiled steak? Cow tongue? Casserole made with sour milk? EWWW. What’s the worst thing you’ve eaten out of politeness?
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Slacker and Steve - Ma'am, You Dropped Your Underwear...and Your Dignity 6/21 (Audio)

You know when your significant other leaves town, so you can enjoy all of the things you like that they don’t like, like fast food? Well, T. Hack found himself at a Popeye’s in a gas station. Might have lost a little dignity there. When did you drop your dignity?
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Slacker and Steve - OPP - Her Friend Lost the Weight, but Gained an Attitude 6/5 (Audio)

Jodi’s friend has been acting up lately. Whenever they go out to eat, she’s rude to the wait staff, and if something is wrong with her meal, she makes a complete scene. Jodi is embarrassed by her friend’s new behavior. How can Jodi tell her that’s she’s being rude and be a better person?
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Slacker and Steve - Demanding Free Fries Won't Get You Free Fries 5/31 (Audio)

We all like getting something for free, but demanding free French fries after you attempted to rob a restaurant doesn’t help the situation…What are your fast food follies?
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